Too Hot To Die


PARK Jin-Young


KIM In-Kwon, JUNG Sang-Hoon, SON Dam-bi, KIM Sung-Chul, PARK Chul-Min, and more



‘The Final Flame’, ‘Incompletion of Life’, ‘Grade Is Everything’,

and ‘Betrayal Rose’ are logged in.

Three men promised to die together after chatting at the mass suicide website.

Right a step ahead from the death, all they do is to enjoy the last supper with Chinese black noodle, sing their last song at the karaoke and watch the sunset for the last time. 

After enjoying their last pleasure, the three head to the final destination, the Paradise Motel. 

With nicknames of ‘The Final Flame’, ‘Incompletion of Life’, ‘Grade Is Everything’, 

These three have nothing in common, but each reveal pathetic stories and the reason to die. A former salesman in his 40s with debts, a scriptwriter in his 30s who never finished his story and a student who is taking the college entrance exam for 4 years…

Right before the three drink the poison, the last member joins! 

And it turns out that she is the perfect woman who every man ever dreamed of!

Smart and sexy ‘Betrayal Rose’ in her 20s arises these men’s natural sexual desire…

Will they be able to die as they planned?