Blockbuster spy-melo-action-drama


PYO Min-Soo, KIM Tae-Hun


JANG Hyuk, LEE Da-Hae, OH Yeon-Soo, KIM Young-Chul

Three years after the death of Hyun-joon (LEE Byung-hyun), the greatest elite agent of NSS

On an island in international waters, unknown of its nationality, an enormous Alcatraz-like fortress is situated. Two helicopters near the island, and armed forces of the NSS Tactical Operation Team get. The Tactical Operation Team fire their guns at the security guard, who nears them to check security procedures. They are actually IRIS forces disguised as NSS.

Ray, the leader of the forces, reaches the end of the fortress-like prison, quietly opens the door and extends a greeting to a man with an un-groomed white beard dressed in prisoner’s uniform, BAEK San. Ray thought he would be able to safely rescue BAEK San, but San escapes and surrenders to the NSS.

The NSS acquires information from San that there will be a problem of galactic proportions in Russia, where secret talks of the North-South Unification Council are being held and immediately sets off for Russia. An incident happens in which representatives of both Koreas are attacked by IRIS forces.

During the incident, the representative of the North is assassinated and that of the South suffers wounds of which his life is not ensured. As a result, the North-South relations that had began to loosen up freeze up again.

Due to IRIS’s ceaseless attacks against BAEK San, NSS agent LEE Gwang-suk is killed and Yu-geon, who has been shot in the head, goes missing. Those who took Yu-geon are none other than the forces of IRIS. Yu-geon was taken as one of IRIS’s mercenaries, and Yu-geon was completely transformed into a killing machine. Yu-geon shows up where the second round of talks of the North-South Unification Council are being held, this time in Korea, and as he reunites with his love, Soo-yeon, he awakens his lost memories.

A battle unfinished.

Why is IRIS trying so hard to capture BAEK San?

What are the secrets that BAEK San has hidden?

What is the story behind Yu-geon, BAEK San and Yu-geon’s father?

Will Yu-geon reveal the truth behind his relationship with BAEK San, 

and will he be able to reveal the truth behind IRIS besieging closer than ever?