The Coloane


CHOI Wan Kyu


Casino, Crime, Action


Macau, a city of golden casinos.
The only prison in Macau, Coloane, is the final destination for criminals from all over the world, 

including race and nationality.
 Han Kwang-ho, a former IT talent, imprisoned here, 

where he communicates with "money" instead of language. 

Kwang-ho, who had been in the spotlight as a giraffe in the industry, 

falls into the abyss as he is embroiled in a theft lawsuit.
Then, his hometown friend Hwang Chang-min helps Kwang-ho.
 Kwang-ho dreams of a new tourism business by serving as a subordinate 

to the Macau casino under Chang-min.
But before long, they are falsely accused of murder, and they know that it is a trap for Changmin.
That's how they arrived, "Coloane."
 Kwang-ho participates in the Gamble in the prison and discovers his matchmaking temperament...