Backstreet Rookie


JEONG Young Gi


Son Geun Ju


Lee Jihyang, Choi Myeongyu


Comic Romance Thriller


Convenience store is back.

And a ever more powerful '24-hour unpredictable, oddball-like comic romance' 

Season 2 of <Saetbyeol at the Convenience Store>, which ended in popularity, returns in an exciting way with a new setting and development! 

Detective Choi Dae-hyeon, ace detective of Dongdaemun-gu Police Agency's Violent Crime Section 3!
He was fingered by his chief while conducting an independent investigation with his natural 'sense' and thus was suspended for three months. 

Meanwhile, as ‘Young-hoon’, who is no different from his brother, disappears, Dae-hyeon begins to pursue him.
He was searching for the last place where Young-hoon was trying to make a call...but what? It was GS Convenience Store in Geumgeum-dong!! 

Dae-hyeon visits the convenience store and sees Arom, a slender woman who is confronting three huge men.
But as it turns out, this woman is the store manager! 

A high-end romance action comedy about a hot-blooded detective who infiltrated a part- time job and a mystery manager who ends up cooperating and romantically being involved with this detective unfolds in this convenience store in the middle of the city where the lights are not turned off 24 hours a day.