Super Couple


JEONG Young Gi


Son Geun Ju


Lee Jihyang, Choi Myeongyu


Comic Romance Thriller


The Convenience store is back!

And it's more powerful. "24 hours of crazy comic romance"

Season 2 of <Saetbyeol at the Convenience Store>, which ended in popularity, returns in an exciting way with a new setting and development!

Top of the list of work tests, the unrivaled ace, NIS agent ‘Sarang’!

‘Sa-rang’ met ‘Cha Joo-hyun’, a man of fate who will change his life, while performing an important mission. When they saw ‘Sa-rang’ on the mission, they continued their true love through ‘Joo-hyun's active courtship. Then one day, ‘Sa-rang’, who failed an important mission, quits her job and notifies ‘Joo-hyun’ of her breakup.

After two years like that....

After breaking up with ‘Sarang’, ‘Joo-hyun’, who lived as a walker-holic, meets her dream love again.

It's also a salary manager and CEO of a GS convenience store!

The high-end romance action comedy of the woman 007, who secretly loved, broke up miserably, and met again brutally, unfolds against the backdrop of a convenience store in the center of the city that lights up 24 hours a day.