Wedding Heroes


Variety Talk Show


A wedding, once in one's life, celebrated and blessed by many people, 

with a hundred-year-old marriage. 


But Covid - 19 has unintentionally become a nuisance to invite acquaintances to the wedding. 


This is a time when the honeymoon's dream doesn't feel right!
 The Wedding Heroes will be dispatched to hold unforgettable wedding events for them. 


The stories of the bride and groom, who will be met by the Wedding Heroes, 

are so diverse in addition to the reality stemming from Covid-19. 


"Wedding Heroes" will listen to their stories, sympathize with and comfort them

with their hearts, and make their dreams come true. 


The great challenge of the super-special wedding planner crew "Wedding Heroes" for 

prospective brides and grooms who want to promise all the world's noble love and eternity begins!