Three Masters


Yoon Je-Kyun


Yoon Je-Kyun



Three-person and three distinct comedy! It's global now!


Master Kim's global project returns with a brilliant casting! 

In the corner of LA, there's small town on 1st Avenue where three martial art studios are facing each other like a joke of fate. 

The three martial art studios include master Kim's Taekkyeon studio, master Nakamura's Karate studio, and master Yu Deok-wha's Kung Fu studio! 

Because of the bloody (?) battle to attract trainees, 1st Avenue is always in a state of tension... Then one day, an event that can be called a major upheaval occurs. 

A Muay Thai studio opens up in the building opposite the three studios. It's like three martial art studios are not enough for a small town, there now is a fourth studio! 

The children now flock to the Muay Thai studio as if they are possessed by something and the studio soon becomes crowded with members. 

The three masters who are institutions of the town could not just sit and do nothing. The three make a truce and work together to drive the Muay Thai studio out of the town. After keeping eye on the Muay Thai studio for several days, the three masters notice suspicious candies in the hands of the children and suspicious moves of the Muay Thai masters... 

What will be the fate of the three masters who are suddenly embroiled in a criminal case?