Tak Sajang


Talk Show


Tak Jaehun, Jang Dongmin, Lee Sumin 


Tak Jae-hoon's 'God of Public Relations' office returned to the new office with a new face employee (Jang Dong-min)!


Season 2 of President Tak, relentless public relations consulting! 

'Tak Jae-hoon', who was famous in the <God of Music> in the past, is back with the YouTube web entertainment President Tak! 

There is no kindness! There is no pretense!
President Tak's stories of running relentless public relations consulting company!
Any client who needs a completely subjective ‘Tak-lusion’ (Tak Jae-hoon style solution) is always welcome! 

“Come everyone who want to promote” 

- President Tak -