Choi Yoon-jung                                            


Action, Romance, Drama



‘Oh Wan-soo’, a former top actor, became the mistress of a chaebol family after retirement, and is living an honorable life as a "fund laser." In the meantime, a kidnapping of the son of the Arab crown prince occurs at a donation party at the Now Foundation, and  'Wan-soo' is targeted by someone and is shot.

Her bodyguard is attacked, and ‘Wan-soo’ panics.

At that time, the presidential security guard ‘Seo Do-yoon’, a member of the Blue House Security Service, saves ‘Wan-soo’ through a pouring bullet.

The two, who quickly escaped to a safe house, are instinctively attracted to each other and feel each other's breath.

The party, which overcame various crises and pushed ahead with it, goes perfectly as ‘Wan-soo’ planned, but ‘Wan-soo’ sees her husband cheating on her in a dressing room at the party hall.

‘Wan-soo’, who has been pretending not to know that her husband had cheated on her for the past 10 years, drinks to get drunk that night.

Seeing ‘Wan-soo’s precarious appearance, ‘Do-yoon’ escorts ‘Wan-soo’, and ‘Wan-soo’ provocatively talks to ‘Do-yoon’.

"Should I sleep with you?"

What will happen to these two?