The professor who reads love stories





The life of middle-aged professor ‘Junwoo’ is too boring.

'Junwoo' had his only joy in life... It is a romance web novel.

Then one day, the novel series stops. ‘Junwoo’ takes courage to write a letter to the writer... And an unexpected reply comes to the writer.

"I want to meet you and get help with writing," ‘Jun-woo’ accepts the author's request. ‘Junwoo’, who met with young female writer ‘Kyungmin’, hears unexpected words.

That's his favorite novel, <The Snow Grave>.

‘Jun-woo’ tells the story of his wife after a long time, revealing that the novel writer is his dead wife, 'Eun-jung.' However, the meeting between the two is in crisis as Junwoo's university student, who witnessed the two, spreads rumors of scandal.

In his last meeting with the professor, Kyung-min learns that he is the biological father of his lover, Jae-kyung, and that Jun-woo lied to Jae-jae about his mother's job and work.

Kyungmin started to find out why Junwoo lied for his financial situation

Through this, the secrets that Junwoo and Jae-kyung have accumulated are revealed...!