LEE Jae Woo


LEE Young Jong



Horror Thriller

A thriller about the survival of newlyweds at a strange hotel!

Da-eun and Ki-sung, who are about to get married,

arrive at a strange hotel deep in the mountains at the instruction of the church.


That night, Da-eun wake up from a noise in the hallway.

She woke Ki-sung up and went out into the hall.

At that time, they heard a terrible scream from the first floor!


The couple manage to escape out of the window in amazement,

but the young man starts chasing the two with a hand ax!



The mysterious people who are attacking themselves, and the deacon, the hotel manager who leads them.

Ki-sung and Dae-eun are starting to escape from this the hotel to save their lives.


Will the couple get out of the hotel safely?