CHO Sang-Bum, LEE Ji-Kang


Action, Crime, Drama

A hot, suspenseful game of gambling!

A Player who has a genius intuition and insight, 'Kang-Dan'. He never stops at nothing to win at gambling.

Kang-Dan and his team's goal is to defeat 'Wang-Rin' who is a successor to a Large enterprise 'Wang-Chun' in China.

'Leo' plans to entice Wang-Rin into participating in no-limit gambles that is allowed to few the super rich.

The rich of the world gather in the Penthouse in Las Vegas, a big competition will begin! 

But Leo's real goal was revenge on Wang-Rin, not money. Because of this, the team begins to crack, and Wang-Rin makes a sweet offer to the Kang-Dan.

Whose hand will he hold? Who will laugh till the end?